Trippin' Tequila

Trippin' Tequila


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There are those nights when you have so much fun that you lose your phone in the toilet, your sides and face hurt from laughing, and by the time you make it home the whole world is spinning. But while you're out there living, having the time of your life, keep your necessities close at hand, but not so bulky as a purse. 

These carry-alls come in 3 sizes and a great for nights out.



Small (6x9) ($20.00)

Medium (9.5x6) ($22.00)

Large (12.5x8.5) ($25.00)

Set of 3 ($55.00)


Perfect for makeup, travel, phone, and accessory items. Midsized tablet fit in the larger size. It is made of a 50/50 cotton-poly blend and is machine washable.


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