PtLY 1 Ode to Chagall

PtLY 1 Ode to Chagall


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As many know, I have no formal training in art. Though I doodle as a child, there was never any intention of "being an artist." One year, in a failed attempt to make peace, I attempted to draw a portrait of my daughter and her baby brother from another mother. The picture wasn't great, but it was good enough that I began to draw on a regular basis. Then, when I moved north to be with my current living companion, I learned more. And as time has gone on, the desire to "try" has become a lifetime pursuit.

A year or two ago, I came across the documentary, "Paris: The Luminous Years." I had heard that apprentices in earlier eras would learn to paint by painting the works of the masters. So, on that line of thinking, I'm going to do a series of works using some those pieces featured in documentary. 

This is the first in that series.


Inspired by Chagall

Documentary: "Paris: The Luminous Years" -


Acrylic paint on 9 x 12 stretched canvas.


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